Lisa Winn

Living in Atlanta, Lisa was always involved in the design and creation of beautiful things - from painting to fashion design to jewelry making, she was always intrigued by what could be made out of simple materials to elevate them to beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. What started out, as a hobby soon became an absolute, consuming passion - crafting unique jewelry “sculptures.” Her path to creative success has sent her to Italy and Spain to study the age-old influence and techniques of fine jewelry design. Lisa Winn's designs are elegant, refined and whimsical with that perfect balance between richness and simplicity reminiscent of the artisanship of old-world cultures and filled with the curiosity and spirituality of an intense creative force. “To reveal a treasure inside is the essence of my lockets. Movement and surprise are an integral part of my creations. My jewelry celebrates the mystery and beauty of life in its most pure form”.

Georgia Goldsmiths Guild

2016 Bremer Design Challenge, 1st place winner

2016 Bremer Design Challenge winner
In 2016 Lisa Winn took 1st place in the Bremer Design Challenge, where the 2016 theme was "connectivity." Lisa was inspired to create a thought provoking piece that brought together the art and craftsmanship of jewelry making while invoking the significance of today's hyperconnected society. iPhone, was later exhibited at the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia.